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Lake Street Park, Historical Filipinotown
Historical Filipinotown, Los Angeles
Los Angeles, California
Designed by Cheri Gaulke and unveiled by Eric Garcetti, president of the Los Angeles City Council, in November 2006, this is the first monument dedicated to the 250,000 Filipinos and 7,000 Filipino American soldiers who fought in WWII for the United States.
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Unidad Park, Los Angeles
Los Angeles, California
The largest Filipino American mural in the United States. Translated in English as "Filipino Americans: A Glorious History, A Golden Legacy," 22-year-old Eliseo Art Silva painted the mural that now overlooks Beverly Boulevard's Unidad Park, unveiling it on 24 June 1995. According to Silva, "... the mural encapsulates 5,000 years of Filipino and Filipino American history."
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Historic Filipinotown, Los Angeles
Los Angeles, California
Historic Filipinotown, "Hi Fi," is an ethnic enclave in Los Angeles' 13th district made from the communities of Silver Lake and Echo Park. Previously known as Little Manila, Hi Fi was proposed by council member Eric Garcetti on 02 August 2002, currently serves to preserve the neighborhood's history, and promotes cultural and social unity not just among a Filipino population but one that reflect's LA growing diversity.
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Manilatown, San Francisco
Financial District, San Francisco
San Francisco, California
Event center located in the heart of multicultural communities and ethnic enclaves of downtown San Francisco, California. The building serves as a venue space for the expression of Filipinos in the Bay area as well the preservation and advocacy of their arts and culture; social justice and economic equality; and history.
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Morro Bay, California
Coleman Park, Morrow Bay
18 October 1587: the first recorded appearance of Filipinos on modern-day continental United States. Departing from Macao, China, they landed in present day California's Morro Bay as crewmen aboard Spaniard Pedro de Unamuno's galleon, Nuestra Señora de Buena Esperanza.