Native American History

The Mantle was commissioned in recognition of the legacy and contribution by Native American tribes in Virginia. The monument is in the shape of a Nautilus. There is a footpath and a stonewall that form the spiral shape. This shape is supposed to represent the circular dance formations that are a common theme in the American Indian culture. Native plant species are used around the memorial. The monument is embedded into the natural world and honors the significance of nature in the culture. There is a meditation area and infinity pool in the center of the memorial. The sculpture is decorated with life-size reliefs of corn, squash, and beans, and other objects significant to the region and the Native Americans. The memorial serves as a gathering spot where groups can come together and celebrate their heritage and culture. 
Sequoyah “Whispering Giant”Sequoyah“Whispering Giant”
Cherokee, NC
A enormous carving of a bust of Sequoyah, the creator of the Cherokee alphabet. The sculptor says the statue is influenced by a combination of various Native Americans and represents the "cry of the red man," which means the protest of the Native Americans. The artist wanted to draw attention to the "theft and trickery" the Native Americans suffered as their land was stolen and to highlight their bravery. 
Conestee Lost Settlementconestee-lost-settlement.jpg
Transylvania County, NC
Dedicated to a lost settlement of the Cherokee tribe. The former Conestee town, or also referred to as Kana’sta, was believed to have been abandoned between the 1750-1770's. Cherokee legend says these people were invited to a secret, flourishing village located within the mountains and they alone of all the Cherokee Nation escaped the long wars and suffering that followed the settlers' invasion of the mountains.
Illustration of Old Fort ArrowheadOld Fort ArrowheadOld Fort Depot & Arrowhead Monument
Old Fort, NC
Originally the monument was dedicated to the pioneers who founded Old Fort in North Carolina, but now represents the peace between the English settlers and the Catawba and Cherokee Native American tribes.