Indigenous People

Brasilia, Brazil
This museum is meant to preserve and show the culture of the indigenous population of Brazil. The museum was also created to educate people about the Brazilian indigenous people and the challenges they went through, as well as correct any misunderstadning people have of them.
mohawk.jpgthe mohawk institute.jpg
Ontario, Canada
The Mohawk Institute Residential School was established in 1831 for children of the Six Nations Iroquois living on the Grand River, and it was a Canadian Indian residential school in Brantford, Ontario, Canada.
Saskatchewan, Canada
Many indigenous children were forced to study at the Beauval Indian Residential School, and in 1927 a fire at this school killed 19 indigenous students.
Manitoba, Canada
This is a plaque for Portage la Prairie Indian Residential School, one of the oddest boarding school for indigenous children in Canada. It is in the Manitoba of Canada.  
das-nationales-ureinwohner.jpgaboriginal plaque.jpg
Confederation Park in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
A bronze sculpture with four warriors and four animal figures representing the thousands of men and women including Aboriginals and indigenous people that defended Canada for its freedom. It also symbolizes the importance of the indigenous people by honoring their faith using the natural world (four animal figures).
aboriginal memorial.jpgglyde river.jpg
This Aboriginal Memorial is dedicated to the indigenous people of the Central Arnhem Land in Australia who have since 1788 died defending their land and were not given a proper burial. The memorial consists of 200 hollow log coffins, one for each year of European settlement.