Columbia Memorial.jpgSouth Carolina Slavery .png
1100 Gervais Street, Columbia, SC 29201
The South Carolina African American history memorial represents African American heritage in regards to the middle passage. It serves as a reminder of the history of African Americans in South Carolina.   
Boston Irish Famine Memorial Front.jpgBoston 1.jpg
Boston, MA 02108
The Irish Famine Memorial is a collection of two statues that depict a family suffering from the Great Famine in Ireland, and another prosperous family who migrated to the U.S. 
Caei.jpgCaei 2.jpg
San Francisco, California
Chronicles the complex history of the Chinese in America, from early days of trade to the history of Chinese immigration, including the Chinese Exclusion Act.
Angel Island Immigration StationAngel Island Immigration Station B&WImmigrants arriving at Angel IslandImmigrants at Angel Island
Tiburon, California
Located in San Francisco Bay, this memorial was originally an immigration detention facility in the first half of the 20th century. The facility mainly detained Asian immigrants, including Chinese, Japanese, Indian, and Filipino immigrants. 
Irish Hunger Memorial ( Hunger Memorial (
North End Ave & Vesey St, New York, NY 10280
The Irish Hunger Memorial is a public work of art and was created to remember the Great Irish Famine and the Irish immigrants who were forced to move to the United States. It is a park / grassy area on a corner in New York City containing stone structures and a replica of a stone Irish cottage. 
Armenian Alphabet Statue ( Monument In Armenian Cultural Garden (
741 Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard
The Armenian Culture Garden is a memorial dedicated to the Armenian people who immigrated from Armenia to the United States, specifically Cleveland, in the early 1900s. The statue in the middle of the garden, the Alphabet Monument, honors those who had historical or cultural accomplishments that contributed to the Armenian nation. 
Antonon-dvorak.jpgTomas-masaryk.jpgCleveland-czech-garden.jpgCzech-cultural-gardens-3.jpgCzech-cmp-masarykceremony62 4ca642428d.jpgCzech-cmp-treeplanting43 B1a5a1396f.jpgCzech-cultural-gardens-sign.jpg
Cleveland, Ohio
This is a garden dedicated in 1935, memorializing Czech parents who exemplified "high ideals of American citizenship" and migrants from Bohemia and Moravia to the United States. The garden has a circular layout and has the most statues of all the gardens in the Cleveland Cultural Gardens. 
Slovak.jpgSlovak Pt2.jpgSlovakpt3.jpg
Cleveland, OH
A garden dedicated in 1932 to Slovak immigrants, the Slovak Cultural Garden is a terrace that opens onto an oval-shaped lawn and hosts the busts of Slovakian community leaders.
African-am-garden-2jpg-639d9de436422980.jpgBooker Washington.png
Cleveland, Ohio
Two tall angular, black granite monuments stand next to each other. Plans to include flowing water leading to a pavilion, representing the slave trade, A bust, A flag