Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
This monument by Tania Bruguera serves as a meditation on the history and significance of immigration in Philadelphia and beyond.
Boston, Massacusetts
This memorial park celebrates Armenian immigrants in the United States, and the cultural and economic contributions they made to American society. It also contains a sculpture dedication for those impacted by the 1915-1923 Armenian Genocide. 
1007 East Blvd, Cleveland, OH 44108
This memorial is dedicated to Lithuanian culture. It celebrates several historical figures revered as heroes due to their role in the independence of Lithuania, as well as those remembered fondly for their contributions to shaping Lithuanian culture.
Cleveland, Ohio, United States
This is a garden with paved walkways and courts intended to celebrate Ukrainian descent in Cleveland. There are statutes/busts for Lesya Ukrainka,  Ivan Franko, Grand Prince of Kiev Volodymyr the Great, and Taras Hryhorovych Shevchenko. There have been people of Ukrainian descent in Cleveland since the 1880s and by the 1940s they were over 30 thousand strong.
Gintong Kasaysayan, Gintong PamanaGintong Kasaysayan, Gintong Pamana 2
Echo Park
Los Angeles
This is a 150' x 30' mural to commemorate important people and events that impacted Filipino Americans. Some of the paintings encapsulate the migration of Filipinos to America and Filipino workers.  
hyde park 2 .jpghyde park 1 .jpg
Burkeville, Virgina
Hyde Park was a safe space of Jewish immigrant from Germany during the tragic time of World War II. As the community grew, Hyde Park was further recognized for its accepting, generous nature. Even after the conclusion of the war and when many jews started to move away, Hyde Park remained a safe space for all refugees including those from Poland. 
Cleveland, Ohio
The Syrian Garden is part of the Cleveland Cultural Gardens Federation, intended to immortalize the rich and diverse history and culture of Syria and its people throughout the ages. The Garden contains elements from different aspects of Syrian heritage: the Arches of Palmyra, the Amphitheater of Basra, the Syrian Arch and the Arabic Fountain, all decorated with authentic colors.
New York, NY
Nonprofit museum in NYC that exhibits Chinese American history, with rotating exhibitions and a focus on a holistic, diverse view of Chinese Americans, including art, history, culture, oral/photo histories, and more. Recently moved to new, larger space in 2009. 
Sutters Fort SHPSutter's Fort State Historic ParkSutter's Fort Plaque
Sutter's Fort State Historic Park
This marks the site of Sutter's Fort, one of the first major trading posts in post-Spanish, pre-United States California. Though the original fort collapsed, a replica was rebuilt and became a California State Park.
Location: South of Castle Clinton, Battery Park, NYC, NY
"The Immigrants" is a large bronze statue that is located in NYC to commemorate those who immigrated to the US in NYC. The memorial was created by Luis Sanguino in 1983 and resides in Battery Park, near the facility where immigrants would get processed. The statue can be described as a group of people with different poses to express the strife and struggle they went through to get to the US but also hope for their future.