Slave Memorial at Mount Vernon
Mount Vernon, Virginia
The memorial consists of a gray granite column with the top cut off at an angle.  The column is surrounded by three concentric brick circles, and a set of three steps, each featuring a one-word inscription: “Faith,” “Hope” and “Love," respectively.   The memorial marks the land used as a burial ground for enslaved and free blacks who worked at Mount Vernon during the 1700s and 1800s.    
Boston Irish Famine Memorial
Boston Massachussets
The monument consists of two contrasting sets of sculptures.  One depicts an impoverished, gaunt family, and the other depicts a well-fed prosperous family.  These statues, and the eight commemorative plaques that accompany them, seek to tell the story of the Potato Famine and Irish immigration to America.  
Unsung Founders Memorial
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
The memorial consists of a black granite table supported by 300 miniature bronze figurines.  5 small seats of black stone surround the table.