Park Ave. and Jean-Talon Street, Montreal, Canada
Tarpon Springs Sponge IndustryTarpon Springs Sponge Industry
Tarpon Springs, Florida
City dedicated sign signifying the importance of Tarpon Springs to the Greek immigrants and Florida's sponge industry.
110 North Jackson St, Montgomery, AL 36104
The Cassimus House is a registered private property under the National Register of Historic Places dedicated to the first Greek immigrants in Montgomery, Alabama. The builder of the house, Speridon Cassimus known as the "father of the Greek community" was one of the first Greek immigrants to the state. The Greek communities in the state have little or no physical heritage dating much earlier than the early 20th century, when their churches were built; and the Cassimus House is possibly the oldest remaining landmark associated with the early history of the Greeks in Alabama.
746 Dodecanese Blvd Tarpon Springs, Florida
The bronze copper statue stands in the heart of Tarpon Springs, a Greek community that started the center of Florida's sponge industry in 1890. It was erected to commemorate Greek immigrants that moved from Greece to become sponge divers as generations before them have done so in America.