Sampaiii. "Historic Filipinotown Western Gateway Sign." Wikimedia Commons, 23 Jan. 2018, https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Historic_Filipinotown_Western_Gateway_Sign.jpg
Historic Filipinotown, Los Angeles
Los Angeles, California
Historic Filipinotown, "Hi Fi," is an ethnic enclave in Los Angeles' 13th district made from the communities of Silver Lake and Echo Park. Previously known as Little Manila, Hi Fi was proposed by council member Eric Garcetti on 02 August 2002, currently serves to preserve the neighborhood's history, and promotes cultural and social unity not just among a Filipino population but one that reflect's LA growing diversity.
Cleveland, Ohio
The Syrian Garden is part of the Cleveland Cultural Gardens Federation, intended to immortalize the rich and diverse history and culture of Syria and its people throughout the ages. The Garden contains elements from different aspects of Syrian heritage: the Arches of Palmyra, the Amphitheater of Basra, the Syrian Arch and the Arabic Fountain, all decorated with authentic colors.