The Slovenian Garden is located near the intersection of St. Clair Avenue and East Boulevard, adjacent to the Polish Garden.
The garden reflected the culture of Cleveland’s Croatians, Serbians, and Slovenians. They had conflicted pasts and this garden symbolized peace between the groups.  
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Manilatown, San Francisco
Financial District, San Francisco
San Francisco, California
Event center located in the heart of multicultural communities and ethnic enclaves of downtown San Francisco, California. The building serves as a venue space for the expression of Filipinos in the Bay area as well the preservation and advocacy of their arts and culture; social justice and economic equality; and history.
Boston, Massacusetts
This memorial park celebrates Armenian immigrants in the United States, and the cultural and economic contributions they made to American society. It also contains a sculpture dedication for those impacted by the 1915-1923 Armenian Genocide. 
1190 MLK Jr. Blvd, Cleveland, Ohio
This memorial, located in the Cleveland Cultural Gardens, celebrates the rich history and culture of India, and honor the significant Indian community in Cleveland. It memorializes Mahatma Gandhi, important contributions of Indian culture, and impactful leaders in Indian history. 
1007 East Blvd, Cleveland, OH 44108
This memorial is dedicated to Lithuanian culture. It celebrates several historical figures revered as heroes due to their role in the independence of Lithuania, as well as those remembered fondly for their contributions to shaping Lithuanian culture.
CleveItalian Cultural Garden Foundation 1284 SOM Center Rd. # 316 Cleveland, OH 44124land Cultural Gardens
Renaissance Fountain The Renaissance fountain located in the center of the garden in the upper level. It was modeled to resemble the fountain in the Villa Medici in Rome, Italy.  Roman poet Virgil The bronze bust of Virgil is also located in the upper level of the gardens. Virgil was an ancient roman poet who composed the "Aeneid".