California history

Sampaiii. "Historic Filipinotown Western Gateway Sign." Wikimedia Commons, 23 Jan. 2018,
Historic Filipinotown, Los Angeles
Los Angeles, California
Historic Filipinotown, "Hi Fi," is an ethnic enclave in Los Angeles' 13th district made from the communities of Silver Lake and Echo Park. Previously known as Little Manila, Hi Fi was proposed by council member Eric Garcetti on 02 August 2002, currently serves to preserve the neighborhood's history, and promotes cultural and social unity not just among a Filipino population but one that reflect's LA growing diversity.
John Marshall MemorialJohn Marshall Monument Plaque 1John Marshall Commemorative Plaque2Marshall Gold Discovery SP
California Gold Discovery State Park
This monument was erected to memorialize John Marshall, the miller who found gold in the tail-chase of Sutter's Mill.
San Francisco Pioneer Monument
The San Francisco Pioneer Monument centers around a tall mable pedestal topped with a bronze statue of Athena, the Greek Goddess of Way, inset with bronze plaques and bas reliefs, and surrounded by three smaller statues depicting eras of California history. 
Sutter's Fort State Historic Park
This is the site of one of the largest Indian villages and cemeteries in the Central Valley. No physical structures remain.
Sutters Fort SHPSutter's Fort State Historic ParkSutter's Fort Plaque
Sutter's Fort State Historic Park
This marks the site of Sutter's Fort, one of the first major trading posts in post-Spanish, pre-United States California. Though the original fort collapsed, a replica was rebuilt and became a California State Park.
State Indian Museum, Sacramento CA
California's first Indian museum. Opening in 1940 and updated in 1984, this museum is still in use.
Pioneer MonumentPioneer StatueDonner Memorial PlaquePioneer Memorial PlaqueElizabeth Keegan InscriptionDonner Lake As Seen From Donner PassPioneer Monument ApproachDonner Memorial State Park Entrance
Truckee, California
This California State Park is located by Donner Lake and centered around the Pioneer Monument. This bronze memorial depicts three settlers looking West, and stands atop a 22 foot stone pedestal erected on the on the site of one of the cabins used by the infamous Donner Party during the winter of 1846. The park has recreational activities and a visitor's center with a museum chronically the history of the area from the time of the Native Americans to the modern day.