California Gold Rush

John Marshall MemorialJohn Marshall Monument Plaque 1John Marshall Commemorative Plaque2Marshall Gold Discovery SP
California Gold Discovery State Park
This monument was erected to memorialize John Marshall, the miller who found gold in the tail-chase of Sutter's Mill.
San Francisco Pioneer Monument
The San Francisco Pioneer Monument centers around a tall mable pedestal topped with a bronze statue of Athena, the Greek Goddess of Way, inset with bronze plaques and bas reliefs, and surrounded by three smaller statues depicting eras of California history. 
Sutters Fort SHPSutter's Fort State Historic ParkSutter's Fort Plaque
Sutter's Fort State Historic Park
This marks the site of Sutter's Fort, one of the first major trading posts in post-Spanish, pre-United States California. Though the original fort collapsed, a replica was rebuilt and became a California State Park.
Sutter's Mill PlaqueSutter's Mill Replica
Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park, Coloma CA
This site marks the spot where gold was discovered by John Marshall at Sutter's Mill in 1849.