Gothic revival building is oldest standing church in Morristown. Replaced 1848 wooden church which ministered to Irish immigrant families in surrounding Dublin area. Morris County Heritage Commission New Jersey Register of Historic Places National Register of Historic Places
India Garden Statue: Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948) Dedicated to an Indian activist who is the country's "Father of Nation." Gandhi led a non-violent movement to win freedom for India from British rule. The "Six Heritage Pillars," representing different principles and traditions, surround Gandhi's statue summarizing 'Universal Brotherhood', 'Legacy', 'Artistic Traditions', 'Leadership', 'Modern India', and 'Connections'.  Institution: Cleveland Cultural Gardens Federation    (Official) The... Read More
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This is a garden dedicated in 1985 to Chinese immigrants that settled in Cleveland during the early 1920s. The Garden was a gift from the city of Taipei and was modeled after the Chinese Imperial Palace. 
A garden dedicated in 1932 to Slovak immigrants, the Slovak Cultural Garden is a terrace that opens onto an oval-shaped lawn and hosts the busts of Slovakian community leaders.
Cold Spring Cemetery First Irish Catholic cem. Resting place of immigrants from famine in Ireland 1845-1850. Many Civil War Vets buried here
This monument was erected by the citizens of the 140th legislative district in tribute to Christopher Columbus and those who followed him to America. Celebration We celebrate the 500th anniversary of the 1st voyage of Christopher Columbus, whose great talent, courage, and persistence helped link for the first time the nations of Europe with the Americas, encouraging further exploration and leading to the settlement of the New World, including the United States. Commemoration We commemorate... Read More
Dimensions: 45 x 66 x 44 ft.; Shaft: H. 40 ft.; Basin: D. 64 ft. Inscription: (Back of shaft:) TO/THE MEMORY OF/CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS/WHOSE HIGH FAITH/AN/INDOMITABLE COURAGE/GAVE TO MANKIND/A NEW WORLD/BORN MCDXXXVI/DIED MDIV unsigned Description: A semicircular, double-basin fountain with a forty-five foot shaft in the center. Standing in front of the shaft, a figure of Columbus is crowned with a globe surmounted by four eagles connected by garlands. At the base, on the right and left, are two... Read More
Site of Comanche Springs. Used as a watering place and camping ground by Indians since Pre-Columbian times, the Springs were possibly visited about 1536 by Spaniard Cabeza de Vaca on his wanderings through Texas. The expedition of Juan de Mendoza, with his party of Spaniards and Jumano Indians, camped near the waters in 1684. The six major, gushing springs and the beautiful river they formed resulted from water seeping up through geological faults to the earth's surface. The reservoir which... Read More