Chinese Immigrants came to Deadwood to make their fortune. After burial in Mt. Moriah, with appropriate ceremonies, the remains were removed for reburial in their home village in China. Not more than two bodies remain in the Chinese Section.
This California Mission Revival-style building was designed by Louis Gill, nephew and protege of Irving Gill. The facade of the one-story chapel features a sloping red-tile roof over a central bell tower. The Chinese Mission, located in the building until 1960, served as a social center where Chinese immigrants learned English and received religious instruction. The building was relocated to this site in 1995 from First Avenue between "G" and Market.
This is Christ Church, Washington Parish, the first Episcopal church established in Washington City (1794), and attended by Presidents Thomas Jefferson and John Quincy Adams. At first Christ Church met in a nearby tobacco warehouse. In 1806 parishioner William Prout donated this land to the congregation, and one year later a simple, two-story rectangular building went up, designed by Navy Yard contractor Robert Alexander. That structure still remains behind the church’s Gothic Revival façade,... Read More
The Christdala Congregation was formed on July 18, 1877 by the first Swedish immigrants to settle in Rice County. The Church was built during the summer of 1878 at a cost of $230 and is maintained in memory of the early Swedish settlers. Because of its historic significance, Christdala has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the U.S. Department of the Interior.
A 44-foot obelisk with inscription "Sacred to the memory of Chris. Columbus Octob. XII MDCCVIIIC" Constructed on property of former French Consul General Charles Francois Adrian le Paulmier, a French native who acted as a spy during the American Revolution and settled in Baltimore.
"Statue of Columbus holding a globe in an outstretched palm. Plaque has an inscription reading: ""This monument, erected on the occasion of the 1992 Quncentennial Jubilee celebrating the discovery of America, pays tribute to Cristoforo Colombo and his seafaring companions. Their bold voyage led to a historic encounter between the European world and the Americas. A turning point in Western Civilization, this event paved the way for the spreading of the Gospel and the establishment... Read More
6.5 foot tall bronze statue on 8.5 foot tall granite pedestal; constructed in front of a fountain
The bust of Christopher de Graffenried stands on a platform in the city of Greenville. The bust consists of his body from the chest up. The bust also greatly acetates his luscious hair while giving an artists view of hs chest. The chest part of the bust is partially missing in a way that makes it look like it is lowing away in the wind.
A pioneer printer in colonial America, Saur produced the nation’s first European language Bible here in 1743. He printed the most widely read German newspaper & used his press to alert the public to German causes. He aided fellow German immigrants with his money and influence.