Whispering Giant


A enormous carving of a bust of Sequoyah, the creator of the Cherokee alphabet. The sculptor says the statue is influenced by a combination of various Native Americans and represents the "cry of the red man," which means the protest of the Native Americans. The artist wanted to draw attention to the "theft and trickery" the Native Americans suffered as their land was stolen and to highlight their bravery. 

Cherokee, NC
Museum of the Cherokee Indian
Historical Subject: 

Native Americans, particulary the Cherokee Tribe

Physical Aspects: 

It depicts a 22-foot tall Sequoyah as a older man. He is held in place by a seven sided stone base, each with marble plaques with pictographs representing the seven clans of the Cherokee Nation. There are also three tears on his face that represent the beginning of the Trail Of Tears.

Date of Dedication: 
September 30, 1989
Place Location: 
Sequoyah “Whispering Giant”
“Whispering Giant”