The Virginia Monument

West Confederate Avenue, Virginia
The State of Virginia
Group Acknowledged: 
Confederate Soldiers
Historical Subject: 

In 1863, the Union defeated the Confederacy at the Battle of Gettysburg, making this battle a turning point of the Civil War. This memorial mainly commemorates Robert E. Lee, who was the commander of the Confederate States Army. 

Physical Aspects: 

A bronze statue of Robert E. Lee is depicted on a horse on top of a 41-foot tall pedestal. At the bottom of the pedestal, there are 7 soldiers, each representing a different civil occupation in society: a professional man, a mechanic, an artist, a boy, a businessman, a farmer, and a youth. The soldier in the very middle is on a horse and holding a Confederate flag. The text at the very bottom of this monument says "Virginia to her sons at Gettysburg". 

Date of Dedication: 
June 8th, 1917
Place Location: