Trail of Tears Cherokee Removal Park


Located in the Trail of Tears historical park stands granite walls that have the names of Cherokees that were forcibly removed from their homes. Also lays next to it is a map that outlines the route of the Trail of Tears to show the path the Native Americans had to take. 

6615 Blythe Ferry Ln, Birchwood, TN 37308
Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TVA), National Park Service (NPS), and Friends of the Cherokee
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Historical Subject: 

The Trail of Tears was a path that thousands of Native Americans had to take when they were forcibly removed from their homes by the US government because of the discovery of gold. This monument was made to remember the Cherokees that were removed by etching the name of families and their members in them. 

Physical Aspects: 

Granite walls with black granite on top with white etching of names. Next to the walls is a stone map conveying the trail in red and blue. 

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