Statue of Liberty


Located on Ellis Island, this statue standing 305 feet 6 inches depicts a woman holding up a torch to "light the way" for immigrants seeking asylum in America. The statue of liberty weighs an approximate 225 tons and is made of copper. The corrosion and oxidization caused by natural weather is what gives the copper its famous green color. The tablets being held by the statue read July IV MDCCLXXVI (July 4, 1776). That date is the birth date of the nation and the day America declared independence.

Ellis Island, New York
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Historical Subject: 

The statue was a gift to America from France as a way of declaring friendship and memorializing freedom and democracy. Today it is a sign of immigration acceptance. During the 19th century the statue was seen as a welcome sign to the many different immigrant groups coming to America for freedom.

Physical Aspects: 

Located on the head of the statue is a crown with 7 points to represent the 7 continents. On the base of the statue next to her feet lie broken chains to represent the broken shackles of tyranny and oppression. The statue took 4 months to piece back together after being shipped to the United States.

Date of Dedication: 
October 1886
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