South Carolina African American history memorial


The South Carolina African American history memorial represents African American heritage in regards to the middle passage. It serves as a reminder of the history of African Americans in South Carolina. 


1100 Gervais Street, Columbia, SC 29201
Ed Dwight
Group Acknowledged: 
African Americans
Historical Subject: 

The first of its kind on any of the nation's state house grounds. Was erected in  tandem with the removal of the confederate flag from the state grounds in Columbia, SC.

Physical Aspects: 

A 25 foot long engraving at over two stories high. Depicts many scenes, from the controversial Denmark Vessey to participants of the civil rights movement. An obelisk bearing a plaque, honoring the sculptor ED Dwight. An image representing human bodies packed into a slave ship sailing the Middle Passage rests in front of the obelisk. Also contains rubbing stones from different regions in Africa where slaves were taken. 

Date of Dedication: 
March 29, 2001
Place Location: 
Columbia Memorial.jpg
South Carolina Slavery .png