Scottish Immigrants


Philadelphia is a major destination because of its booming ports which made it a very natural destination for Scottish immigrants. These immigrants were seeking a new place with new opportunities. Many were very poor and in need. The memorial shows the strides the Scottish have made. 

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Scottish Immigrants
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The memorial depicts a Scottish family that is fighting for better opportunities. It shows the resilience and tenacity of the Scottish. It also honors their hard work and their perseverance through struggle that eventually led to a better life. It also shows how hard the Scottish worked to give a better life for their kids.

Physical Aspects: 

The monument depicts a Scottish family of four who have just come ashore in Philadelphia. They are led by a man who is still in the traditional clothing of his homeland. He is guiding his family towards their new life and opportunities. There is also a baby which will grow up in America. There is a young girl that is carrying a book as well. It shows a solid family structure with the children and the parents. 

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Scottish Immigrants
Scottish Immigrants