The Roanoke Voyages, Manteo


The monument was unveiled in 1984 on the 400th anniversary of the lost colony's voyages. The granite marker sits in the town of Manteo, NC and is engraved with the history of the Roanoke counties and early English colonization.

Manteo, NC
North Carolina government and Town of Manteo
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Roanoke colonies
Historical Subject: 

The monument commemorates the Roanoke colonies settling on North Carolina, led by Sir Walter Raleigh from Plymouth, England in 1584. Forming the first English village in America,  the settlement disappeared between 1587 and 1590 and was labeled "The Lost Colony."

Physical Aspects: 

Located in Dare county in the historic waterfront of Manteo on Queen Elizabeth Street, NC; five feet tall granite marker; inscribed rose compass emblem at the top with the dates of the Roanoke voyages, followed by inscription Roanoke Colonies history

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