Reed Gold Mine


The Reed Gold Mine is the site of first gold mine in the United States. A National Historic Landmark as well as a North Carolina Historic Site, the Reed Gold Mine is now a state park and is open to the public.

Reed Gold Mine, Locust, NC.
The Division of State Historic Sites and Properties
Group Acknowledged: 
Farmers turn gold miners
Historical Subject: 

The Reed Gold Mine is the site of the first gold discovery in the United States in 1802. The mineshaft was built in 1825, and was sporadically operational until 1912. Now a state historic site, the mine is open to the public as a park.

Physical Aspects: 

The Reed Gold Mine Site is an operational state park featuring a visitors center, a restored mill, underground restored miners tunnels, and hiking trails. The mineshaft facade is built from wooden logs framing the entrance and set into the earth. A bronze, white painted plaque greets visitors with text reading: "Reed Gold Mine: Gold discovered there 1799. Many gold mines were later operated in this area. N.C. was the chief gold-mining state to 1849. N. 4 mi."

Date of Dedication: 
Nationally - 1966; State - 1971
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