Pulaski / Giles County Trail of Tears


In 1830, Congress passed the Indian Removal Act. David Crockett, Tennessee Congressman, and many others opposed the bill, yet it passed by one vote. This act displaced over 100,000 Native American Indians from 1838-1839. They were ripped from their ancestral homes in the Southeastern US and forced to move to a reservation 1,000+ miles away in modern day Oklahoma. Approximately 4,000 died on the routes. These routes are known as the Trail of Tears. Two of the paths passed through Giles County and Pulaski, Tennessee. 

Giles County, Tennessee
Group Acknowledged: 
Cherokee Nation
Native Americans
Historical Subject: 

The two trails crossed in Pulaski, TN. The memorial was built near the convergence of these trails. It honors the thousands of Native Americans who died and Davie Crockett’s opposition to the Indian removal. 

Physical Aspects: 

Pulaski Trail of Tears Interpretive Center, two main trails, statue, bridge overlook

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