The Permanent Memorial


This memorial was made to depict the global scale of the triangular slave trade, illustrate the extreme conditions under which millions of African people were transported during the Middle Passage and be a place where visitors can honor the memory of the millions of souls who were lost. Rodney Leon was the Architect and designer of the memorial.

the United Nations Visitors Plaza in New York
United Nations
Group Acknowledged: 
slaves forcibly brought to America
Historical Subject: 

The Middle Passage

Physical Aspects: 

Viewers are meant to pass through the Ark of Return to the three elements of the memorial: Acknowledge the Tragedy, Consider the Legacy, and Lest We Forget. Acknowledge the Tragedy is a three-dimensional map. Consider the Legacy, is a slave lying in front of a wall inscribed to look like the inside of a slave ship. Lest We Forget, is a triangular reflecting pool.

Date of Dedication: 
25 March 2015
Place Location: