"Love and Double Joy"


This mosaic tile mural, placed in the heart of the historic Chinatown District of San Luis Obispo, commemorates our City’s Chinese pioneers. As immigrants they faced prejudice and exclusionary laws, but rose above such obstacles to make major contributions to local commerce, agriculture and industries.

Chinatown reached its peak in the late 19th century. Consisting of portions of three city blocks, it was the largest Chinese settlement in San Luis Obispo County. At its hub was the Ah Louis Store, situated among other shops, restaurants, living quarters for Chinese merchants and their families, and boarding houses for Chinese laborers.

The mural evokes images of Chinese-American history in San Luis Obispo County, including the Ah Louis Store; thousands of laborers who built railroads, and roads connecting San Luis Obispo with San Francisco and Los Angeles; a boat bringing the Chinese to the new country; Yin and Yang to symbolize Chinese life forces in harmony with Nature; and a powerful dragon to symbolize long life. The Chinese characters for “Love” and “Double Joy”, linked by a dragon, symbolize the duality of the immigrants’ experience: their love for the land of their birth and joy for their hopes in a new land. This message is still relevant to Chinese immigrants today.

This artwork was designed and built by Peter Ladochy, Artist and
funded by the City of San Luis Obispo and private donors through
the “Art in Public Places” program. Dedicated in this, the
Chinese Year of the Ox.

On Palm Street, San Luis Obispo,
Chinatown Public Art Committee of the City of San Luis Obispo, California.
Official (Historical Marker Database)
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