Lithuanian Garden


This memorial is dedicated to Lithuanian culture. It celebrates several historical figures revered as heroes due to their role in the independence of Lithuania, as well as those remembered fondly for their contributions to shaping Lithuanian culture.

1007 East Blvd, Cleveland, OH 44108
The Cleveland Cultural Gardens Federation
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Physical Aspects: 

The garden is lyre-shaped and divided into the three levels, the highest of which features a balustrade. It features a fountain dedicated to Birutè, the Grand Dutchess of Lithuania whose son, Grand Duke Vytautas the Great, is revered as a national hero. Dr. Vincas Kudirka and Maironis have busts within the garden that commemorate their contributions to the nation's revival. Dr. Jonas Basanavičius, “Patriarch of the Nation”, has his cultural contributions commemorated by a bust, as well. There are two trident-shaped pillars present within the garden, the Pillars of Gediminas, that celebrate Gediminas' founding of the capital and the long rule of his dynasty. The lowest level ends in two staircases seperated by plants.

Date of Dedication: 
October 11, 1936
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