Kamui Mintara (Playground of the Gods)


A field of Ainu totem poles at Burnaby Mountain Park, Canada created by an Ainu sculpter from Japan

Burnaby Mountain Park
Individual, Noko Nuburi (Ainu sculter)
Unofficial (but needed government approval)
Group Acknowledged: 
Ainu People
Historical Subject: 

The Ainu people are the indigenous people of Japan. The Ainu, led by Shakushain, unsuccessfully revolted against the Japanese samurai in the middle of the 17th century. The people are native to Hokkaido, or the northern most island of Japan. Though only 24,000 Ainu remain today, they finally received official recognition as an indigenous people by the Japanese government in 2019. 

Physical Aspects: 

The totem poles are carved out of wood and stand 10-20 feet tall. Represented on the poles are a bear, fish, and owl. They stand together in a field overlooking the greater Vancover area at Burnaby Mountain Park.

Date of Dedication: 
Place Location: 
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