Japanese American Memorial to Patriotism During World War II


This memorial is dedicated to remembering the hardships of the thousands of Japanese Americans that were sent to interment camps during WWII due to the racially-oriented suspicion that they were all spies.

Louisiana Ave. NW & D St. NW, Washington, D.C.
US Government
Group Acknowledged: 
Japanese immigrants
Japanese Americans
Physical Aspects: 

The memorial's central sculpture is of two cranes breaking free of barbed wire, an image heavy with symbolism. The sculpture is encircled by stone panels that name each concentration camp and their peak population. A pool that contains five stones is located next to these panels. Its banks are lined with stone panels containing text on the historical background of the internment camps and quotes from important Japanese American historical figures. The memorial also features a sixteen foot long tube-shaped bell.

Date of Dedication: 
November 9, 2000
Place Location: