Italian Cultural Garden


Renaissance Fountain

The Renaissance fountain located in the center of the garden in the upper level. It was modeled to resemble the fountain in the Villa Medici in Rome, Italy. 

Roman poet Virgil

The bronze bust of Virgil is also located in the upper level of the gardens. Virgil was an ancient roman poet who composed the "Aeneid".

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Historical Subject: 

The garden was dedicated as "a symbol of the contribution of Italian culture to American democracy". It was designed to resemble the finer things of the Italian culture; seen through the extensive walkways, balustrades, benches, and two large winding staircases leading from the upper level to the ampitheater.

Physical Aspects: 

Within the garden there are large stair cases, an amphitheater which attracts large crowds, beautiful statues of famous Italians, and water fountains throughout.

Date of Dedication: 
October 1930
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