Historic Filipinotown


Historic Filipinotown, "Hi Fi," is an ethnic enclave in Los Angeles' 13th district made from the communities of Silver Lake and Echo Park. Previously known as Little Manila, Hi Fi was proposed by council member Eric Garcetti on 02 August 2002, currently serves to preserve the neighborhood's history, and promotes cultural and social unity not just among a Filipino population but one that reflect's LA growing diversity.

Historic Filipinotown, Los Angeles
Los Angeles, California
Los Angeles City Council
Group Acknowledged: 
Filipino Americans
Historical Subject: 

In the 1940s, many Filipino American families settled in the area, buying homes and creating businesses away from Little Tokyo and Bunker Hill areas, as their homeland was occupied by imperial Japanese in the second World War. Additionally, Historic Filipinotown designates the settlement areas for Filipino immigrants to the United States during an immigration resurgence in the late 1990s and early 2000s, noted by the creation of key Filipino organizations, Catholic churches, and housing prior to Los Angeles City Council's formal proclamation of the historic town. And despite the neighborhood's growing Mexican and Central American populations in the 2010s, Hi Fi remains as the cultural heart of Filipino Americans in Southern California.

Physical Aspects: 

The ethnic enclave resides in Los Angeles' 13th district with a western boundary on Hoover Street, Glendale Boulevard to the east, Temple Street to the north, and Beverly Boulevard to the south.

Date of Dedication: 
02 August 2002
Place Location: