Funkstown Bridge


This bridge was constructed by Irish immigrants. This is where the saying “paying off the dead horse,” came out. This is because they worked on the bridge to pay off the cost it took to immigrate from their home country to America. Working conditions were rough and locals would provoke and taunt the immigrants. The bridge was finished in 1823, but since then had some work done to it. In 1931 the bridge was widened.

Hagerstown, MD 21740 Washington County
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Irish immigrants worked on this bridge to pay off the cost it took for them to get to America. Paying off the passage from their old country to America gave birth to the phrase “paying off the dead horse.” It also shows the resiliency of the Irish as they worked through rough conditions and torment by locals.

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Since the original completion of the Funkstown Bride in 1823 there bridge has been widened. Concrete facades has also been added (to the sides facing you). However, the original stone on the opposite sides remain.

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Funkstown Bridge
Funkstown Bridge