Czech Cultural Garden


This is a garden dedicated in 1935, memorializing Czech parents who exemplified "high ideals of American citizenship" and migrants from Bohemia and Moravia to the United States. The garden has a circular layout and has the most statues of all the gardens in the Cleveland Cultural Gardens. 

Cleveland, Ohio
The Cleveland Cultural Gardens Federation
Group Acknowledged: 
Czech migrants
Historical Subject: 

The focal point is a statue of Jan Amos Komensky, an educator and philosopher known as the father of modern education. Busts of other influential Czech individuals are featured throughout the garden - such as Frantisek Palacky, Karel Havlicek Borovsky, Jindrich Simon Baar, and composers Berdich Smetana and Antonin Dvorak representing Czech culture and history.  Czech immigrants first settled in the flats of Cleveland, later moving to "Little Bohemia" and other neighborhoods (ie. Broadway-Fleet and Clark-Fulton neighborhoods). 



Physical Aspects: 

This circular garden has the most sculptures of all the gardens in the Cleveland Cultural gardens park. There is sculptured frieze depicting the history of Czech migration as well as several full-size statues and busts of influential Czech figures, such as Bedrich Smetana, a composer. In 1939, two linden trees were planted to symbolize the flourishing of Czech culture in the New World. 

Date of Dedication: 
October 6, 1935
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