Bridget Lockman Smith


Bridget Lockman Smith and her husband John, immigrated from Ireland in the 1850’s following the Irish potato famine. They settled in Mine Hill with other Irish immigrant iron mine workers in a section then known as Irishtown. By the time Bridget purchased this double house in 1879 for $300, John had been killed in a local mining accident. She was living on one side raising two children while renting the other side to another Irish “widow of the mines” with six children. This historic site offers a unique glimpse into the past of working class families. Left virtually unchanged since it was built in 1855, the house had a simple conversion in 1912 to accommodate a single family. Listed on the New Jersey and National Registers of Historic Places, it represents an important intact example of worker housing in northern New Jersey. Restored and opened in 1998, the museum is staffed by volunteers on selected dates and by special arrangement to offer insight into the simple but difficult live of immigrant working women raising families in the late 1800’s.
“…To my Sister May you ever be happy Live at your ease Have a good husband And do as you please. From your brother, John Smith, Mine Hill Dec. 31, 1884”- Autograph book “Galaxy Album”, a Christmas present to Miss Mame (Mary) Smith, daughter of Bridget Smith, from Miss Louisa Grimm on December 25, 1884.
(Inscription in the boxes on the left) #1 Bridget Lockman Smith is on the New Jersey Women’s Heritage Trail because as an Iron Miner’s widow she played as essential role in domesticity and integral place raising her children as a single mother, keeping the hearth fires burning after losing her husband in a mining accident.
#2 The New Jersey Women’s Heritage Trail highlights a collection of historic sites located around the state that represent the significant contributions women made to the history of our state. The Heritage Trail brings to life the vital role of women in New Jersey’s past and present.

On Randolph Ave., Mine Hill,
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