Bonegilla Migrant Reception and Training Center - Australia


The Arc Memorial Sculpture

Memorial Description: The Arc Memorial honors the journey of migrants in the years following World War II, where millions of people were seeking refuge and had departed for Australia. An army camp in Bonegilla was transformed into a migrant reception and training centre where new arrivals lived while they were processed and allocated jobs. Former residents and their families are invited to purchase a plaque which can be mounted onto the memorial sculpture. 

Institution (Official): Bonegilla Migrant and Training Centre

Date of Dedication: The Bonegilla Migrant and Training Centre, which includes the Arc Memorial Sculpture, was recognized in December of 2007. 



Physical Aspects: The Arc Memorial Sculpture is a wooden tribute wall that consists of plaques from people who came through the Bonegilla Centre seeking for refuge and jobs after fleeing their native lands. Plaques are dedicated to both migrants and staff members during the time of the migration process. 

Theme/Nation-State: The Arc resembles uniformity as migrants who had fled their native country in search of a better life post-war. Conflicts overseas had meant that Australia was taking in refugees from countries that had previously been unrepresented (China, India, and South Africa).

Location: 132 Bonegilla Road, Bonegilla BIC (Australia) 3691

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