Another Times Voice Remembers My Passions Humanity


The mural is on Donnelley Youth Center and was originally introduced along with plans for a sculpture garden. The original mural was painted by  Mitchell Caton and Calvin Jones in 1979 and was restored by Bernard Williams in 1993.

Chicago, Illinois
Chicago Mural Group
Group Acknowledged: 
recently freed slaves
Historical Subject: 

The Great Migration of African Americans from the South to the North (specifically Chicago).

Physical Aspects: 

On the left there is a wall-high African mask and the face of a contemporary woman, that is meant to link the African past with the present community. On the right, the elderly women is meant to honor the strength of the black matriarchy. Original oil paint on masonry, restoration acrylic paint on masonry,  16 x 33 feet.



Date of Dedication: 
1979; restored 1993
Place Location: