African American Cultural Memorial Garden


Two tall angular, black granite monuments stand next to each other. Plans to include flowing water leading to a pavilion, representing the slave trade, A bust, A flag 

Cleveland, Ohio
Cleveland Cultural Garden Federation.
Group Acknowledged: 
African Americans
Historical Subject: 

Richard Allen,  the founder and first bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Church; Garrett Morgan Sr.,  the inventor of the safety helmet, gas mask traffic light with caution signal and the founder of the Cleveland Wall & Post newspaper. Jesse Owens,  four time Olympic Game gold medalist and Medal of Freedom recipient. John P. Green, an elected official in Ohio who introduced the bill in 1890 that made Labor Day a holiday in Ohio; Jane Edna Hunter, who established the Phillis Wheatley Association to assist unmarried African American women and girls who had newly migrated to the North; and Langston Hughes, a major influencer in the Harlem Renaissance who grew up in Cleveland. 

Date of Dedication: 
orignal 1977, rededicated in 2016
Place Location: 
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