Aboriginal Memorial


This Aboriginal Memorial is dedicated to the indigenous people of the Central Arnhem Land in Australia who have since 1788 died defending their land and were not given a proper burial. The memorial consists of 200 hollow log coffins, one for each year of European settlement.

National Gallery of Australia
Group Acknowledged: 
Aboriginal communities in Arnhem Land
Historical Subject: 

The Aboriginals are people of the Central Arnhem Land and the logs in the display are inspired by a ceremony they perform called the Dupun Ceremony. The ceremony is meant to ensure the safe arrival of the spirit of the deceased on its voyage from the earth to the land of the dead.

Physical Aspects: 

Has 200 hollow log coffins that are placed around the course of the Glyde River estuary, each log coffin representative of where the artists' clans lived. The painting on the logs imitate the clan's design that the people would paint on bark or on bodies during ceremonies.

Place Location: 
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